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Our First Home: Emilia's Nursery

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Pretty much as soon as we found out we were expecting Emilia and had our first scan, I started looking up ideas for her nursery. Pinterest always delivers for me when it comes to inspiring ideas and I loved all the ideas of soft pinks and neutral tones.

We decided on a cot-bed that could grow with her, so the sides come off and the head and foot of the crib lower to create a toddler bed. This came from Mamas and Papas along with the matching changing table. My favourite piece in her room, that really 'makes' the crib, for me, is the bumper. We found this bumper and skirt from MoodsStore on Etsy. We sent over our own fabric to their shop in Poland and they created the bumper, skirt and some fabric for bows for her cradle. I always loved the idea of a canopy over the crib, despite knowing it wouldn't be able to stay for long! I got this one in Ikea for €9 and made a mobile to hang from it. 

As her changing table has no storage on top, I bought containers to clip onto the side from Ikea. They fit perfectly so I was delighted! The bar above her changing table is from the kitchen department there too. When she was very small I wrapped lights around it so she could look at them as I changed her. Ikea never lets me down when it comes to decorating the walls of our house; from the Lack floating shelves, to the picture frame ledges I re purposed as a library and the frames used to create the Guess How Much I Love you wall prints.

I always seem to want to recreate my childhood with Emilia and the rocking chair is a perfect example of this. I bought this one second hand online and refurbished it with a bit of sanding and a few coats of paint. I bought the cushions in Dunnes to make it a bit more comfortable for feeds and reading stories at bedtime. The footstool, I found this one in Argos, blended in really nicely with the tones already in the room. Finally, I wanted to add some artwork to the wall above the radiator. I found these 3D butterfly decals on ebay, I love them as they catch the light but are subtle against the Skimming Stone paint colour.

I think Emilia's room is my favourite room in the house and I really enjoyed searching for ideas and decorating it before she arrived. I hope you found your own inspiration from this little look around it today. Looking forward to showing you around the rest of the house!...

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