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Smash and Splash

January 01, 2018

To mark Emilia turning one I thought I would take some photos... as usual, this escalated quickly into a bit of a project! We ended up with our own make shift photography studio set up in the kitchen. The American idea of a 'Cake Smash' has become more and more popular this side of the Atlantic in recent years and there are many professional photographers out there that do them. While browsing some of these shoots online, I came across how people are taking this idea one step further: the 'Smash and Splash'.

The Set Up

I chose the kitchen as the 'shoot location' as it the room in the house with the best light due to its south facing orientation. I bought a box of laminate floorboards from B&Q and just slotted them together. I tried a laying them various ways but using the viewfinder of the camera helped me ensure no tiles were seen. I got the banner, confetti and the number 1 cake topper from Moss Cottage in Dundrum and the balloons came from Woodies. I found the cardboard letters spelling out 'one' in The Range and I painted them pink to fit in with the colour scheme.

The Cake

My mum made the cake from a giant cupcake mould. She found great step by step instructions on the blog All About Ami. She used a madeira recipe for the cake but looked to The Pink Whisk for a guide to the measures.

The Smash As it was Emilia's first taste of cake I thought she would dive in and never eat any banana muffins for me again! She actually had no idea what to do with it when it landed in front of her. We placed some blueberries on the back of the cake stand so that she would stay in the spot and not crawl away. We then decided to then break off some of the cake and see if she would pick up some of the pieces. That got her going and from there I started shooting!

The Splash

This was by far her favourite part as you can see! For a slightly different set up, I replaced the birthday bunting with a washing line using string and mini wood pegs. I also enlisted the help of Flora the Fish, Emilia's bubble machine, to add to the bubble bath look. 

July 2020 update

As I transfer this blog post over to my new website, I cannot believe the lengths I went to in creating this photoshoot for Emilia's first birthday. Poor Harry won't be getting nearly as much fan-fair... he'll be lucky if he gets a regular 'splash' in the bath that night let alone a full studio set up in the kitchen. Oh the joys of being a second child.

As always, thanks for reading!


Lorna x

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