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Phase 1 - The In-Home Consultation
The interior design process starts with a consultation. This is where I come to your home and spend to 2 hours with you. It’s the all-important first step and where you can pick my brain on anything and everything design during this time. I will also be able to share suggestions as they come to mind, walking through each space. It might be wallpaper here, curtains there, something we could do to improve the living room – you name it. The email I send you after our meeting confirms everything we discussed during the consultation.

Many clients are happy to manage the design process themselves after receiving the guidance and advice from the in-home consultation. Others would like me to stay on and help bring the design to life and this would be Phases 2, 3 and 4. The amount of hours I estimate I’ll spend on your project from start to finish helps me determine what my design fee will be. This price will be calculated and sent across to you prior to any work getting underway so you are fully in control and aware of the budget at all times. You may just want help with just sourcing larger pieces of furniture or soft furnishings- in which case the Personal Shopping Service would be recommended - where I would accompany you on visits to showrooms to help select the perfect option for you and your home.

Phase 2 - Concept

If you would like room schemes made up as part of a home renovation project then a design concept for each space will be created. During this phase mood boards, 2D floor-plans and 3D room renders will be drawn up and presented to you for your review and approval.

Phase 3 - Specify & Source

Once a design concept is agreed upon, we can begin specifying and sourcing items for each room. We will enlist trades and suppliers and  get the project underway. 

Phase 4 - Styling

This is the final stage of the process, where the all important finishing touches are added to sideboards, shelves, consoles etc. 

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